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Haulotte launches MyCompanion, a brand-new digital product to enhance operators experience and safety

Published 2024/06/17

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Haulotte presents a new digital product designed for operators in the field.

The aim is to provide operators with comprehensive, accurate information about the machine and its working environment. MyCompanion is an easy to-use, ergonomic, upgradeable tool to help operators get familiar with the machine.

The right information, at the right time

In a few seconds, information concerning the machine is avalaible to gain in productivity, efficiency, and safety for the operators.

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Easy access to your machine’s information

MyCompanion tool works with a QR code affixed on the machine. Operators simply need to scan it to access the specific documentation for the machine according to its serial number and the checklist to be performed prior to using the machine.

Discover the solution

"It isn’t an app you can download. After scanning the QR code, you immediately access a website optimized for mobile browsing. It’s easier and quicker,” says Marine Fargetton, Manager of the Digital Experience unit.

Get all your machine’s documentation in one place: operator manuals, maintenance books, spare parts catalogs and controls overview videos.

This allows you to better understand the machine with interactive content such as controls overview videos, explaining everything you need to know about your MEWP model.
It also allows operator, who is authorized to drive the machine, to take control of the machine with ease by following simple instructions.
“With MyCompanion, we are targeting operators on the ground. This fits perfectly into our philosophy of reaching all those who work with our machines, using the right tool at the right time in the right place,” explains Frédéric Menini, Digital Product Manager.

Enhance safety & energy management

But that’s not all! MyCompanion also delivers local weather forecasts, specifying any potential risks for operations (wind, rain, etc.). Raise operator’s awareness to external environment with this feature and many more. A security checklist is available for a quick visual inspection of the machine.

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Even more possibilities with Sherpal!

If your machine is connected to SHERPAL, the tool will provide real-time fuel or battery levels and safety alerts allowing the operator to stay alerted and out of any trouble. These features are powered thanks to our SHERPAL telematic solution.

More about SHERPAL

“We work in a coordinated manner with a global vision. In the long term, the idea is that our remote monitoring tool, SHERPAL, will include the same features we have come up with for MyCompanion to ensure consistency and complementarity between our digital tools and guarantee the best customer experience,” concludes Frédéric Menini.
This new tool embodies the innovation dynamic injected as part of the digital strategy plan of the group. It is even more efficient when your machines are connected to SHERPAL, since you will have access to safety alerts and fuel or battery levels.

Order your sticker now!

In order to equip machines from customers installed fleet, QR codes can be ordered on MyHaulotte (Part number: 4001281820)..
Customers can complete the procedure by themsleves. In this case, in order to guarantee the process, the subsidiary is the main contact to help customer during the usage of MyCompanion.

Process as follows:

  • Apply the sticker on the machine
  • Scan the QR code with a smartphone
  • Enter the machine serial number on the web page
  • Validate

Discover MyCompanion!

So, get on board and allow operators to get the right information at the right time with MyCompanion!

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